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Exceptional High-End Audio Cables
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Exquisite Sound
for Discriminating Audiophiles
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The Definition
of Clean Power
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Audiophile-Quality Portable USB
DAC & Headphone Amplifier
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Ultimate-Performance Audio Cables, Power Cables, Power Conditioners, and DACS for Audiophiles

An audiophile is a person who endeavors in their home to enjoy, as directly as possible, a faithful reproduction of an original musical experience. The system is secondary. If a system is doing its part, the system is sonically invisible – adding nothing, taking nothing away from the original performance.

In the spirit of the true audiophile, Clarus is proud to offer analog and digital audio interconnects, speaker cables, power cables, power conditioners, and DACs designed by and for this unique breed of music lover. Leveraging the talents of celebrated cable designer Jay Victor, the Clarus Audiophile Collection features a stunning array of patented and patent-pending technologies, constructed with the finest metallurgy and materials.

But we don’t create Clarus for its visual splendor or even for its technology. We don’t do it to be the first, the most expensive, or even the most critically acclaimed. We do it because we love music. We love it so much that we created conduits to bring us closer to the original musical performance than ever before possible.

We invite you to join us on our journey. Your appreciation of fine entertainment will never be the same.